Hey, I'm José Tomás Tocino

I'm a software engineer born and raised in Cádiz, Spain.
I hold a MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Cádiz.

I love coding. I spend most of my time working with Python, generally doing back-end web development with Django, or doing front-end development. I've also worked as a C++ programmer for some time — lovely language!

I'm also a big GNU/Linux and libre software supporter !

You can find some of my projects on GitHub, check my programming answers on StackOverflow and contact me on Twitter or through e-mail.

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I've been taking pictures for seven years in my spare time and I'm specially interested in portrait photography. You can check my pictures by visiting my photography website.


Cádiz en Moto I have a personal project called Cádiz en Moto (Cádiz by motorcycle) where I visit every town in my home province. You can check it out at cadizenmoto.com